Netta 's music has  taken her audiences like a storm. She is a World Champion accordion player who captivates people by her unique performances.

Netta Skog is Finnish accordion player who was born in 1990. She started to play accordion when she was only 5 years old and she’s done a lot of many kind of musical projects during these years.


In the year of 2006 she won the Golden Accordion -competition which is basically the best accordion player in Finland and since that her career as a real musician basically started. In the competition she played the song ”Dead to the world” from very known Finnish metal band NIGHTWISH and it got a lot of attention around the world. Mostly because of that performance, Battle Metal -band TURISAS asked her to join the band. Netta was a official member in Turisas in 2007-2011 and got the chance to travel all around the whole world.


In the year 2013 Netta decided to try her chances as a singer, so she attended to the Finnish Tango-competition and got straight to the finals, so she was among the top six female singers.


In the year of 2015 Netta was asked to join another Finnish folk metal band called ENSIFERUM and therefore she played and toured with them around the world 3 years during 2015-2017.

Netta's life's one of the biggest highlights was definitely the year when she won the World Championships in digital accordion. Since that she has done amazing job with the digital accordion and has reached a lot of new crowds and especially the young enthusiastic musicians.


Even though Netta’s life has been mostly surrounded by heavy metal music, she also writes some own music which contains also a lot of pop and instrumental music. She is also very interested in movie soundtracks and therefore says that one of her idols is Hans Zimmer.

Netta mostly do solo shows around the world, but also she has couple of duo partners for different shows. One of them is the Stratovarius singer Timo Kotipelto. Their program is full of hard rock classics and also some Stratovarius songs and the cherry on top is the funny communication and chemistry they have on stage.

The second partner for duo shows is the singer from Brother Firetribe, Pekka Heino. Together they play the classic rock songs from the 80's and 90's and having fun on stage is clearly shown for the audience!

Netta is also known for her featuring skills with bands. She has had the honor to perform with bands such as NIGHTWISH, MOKOMA, CHILDREN OF BODOM and TURMION KÄTILÖT.

In the year 2022 Netta was asked to join the almighty CIRQUE DU SOLEIL as a band musician. Netta joined the new production called FUZION which took part in Saudi Arabia during April and May 2022.





Winner of

World Championships in digital accordion



in the Finnish National Tango-Singing competition


Winner of

Roland V-accordion Nordic championships


Winner of

Golden Accordion competition


Winner of

“I play the accordion…” Competition


Winner of

the Finnish accordion folk music -competition

in diatonic accordion


Winner of

the Finnish accordion folk music-competition

in chromatic accordion

Solo projects and tours



Netta arranged 8 different movie soundtracks for her accordion by ear, only listening to Spotify. The movies were Forrest Gump, Jurassic Park, Beauty and the Beast, Titanic, Schindler's list, Braveheart, The Pirates of the Caribbean and Lion King. She had one concert for this project in September and it took place in Karkkila. The show was sold out.


Netta's first ever tour. She arranged Christmas songs by herself for her accordion and singing. The tour took place in churches around Finland.



Because the previous show was sold out and people wanted more, Netta booked a tour including 6 shows all around Finland.
The tour was a huge 
success including sold out shows.


Netta's second christmas tour. She started to arrange more Christmas songs and booked a new tour in churches.  Almost every show was sold out.



Netta was asked to join CIRQUE DU SOLEIL in their new production called FUZION. It took part in Saudi Arabia during April and May 2022.

Fun Facts

Favourite Band/Artist: Nightwish, Lindsey Stirling, Lady Gaga
Favourite Movie: Titanic, The Holiday, Schindler's List, Lion King
Favourite Food: Pizza

Favourite Drink: Coca Cola
Hobbies: Hanging with my chow chow dogs Paavo and Pamela, jogging, gym, movies, baking

Idols: Hans Zimmer, Lady Gaga, my parents